Our Story

Version 1

Dec: Core team assembled, core instructors locked in, core venue partners locked in.
Jan: Prepared pitch for a Toronto VC group. Researched the market intensively; rigorously worked on the business model and the core syllabi of each course.
Feb: Presented pitch on Feb 5th, 2015. Lost bid to a code school wanting to expand into Toronto. Decided to bootstrap and began operations.

Version 2

Mar: Marketing begins: we launch the first website and the first events for prospective students. Dispute over direction of company with first Co-Founder re: (1) pure tech vs non-tech focus, (2) B2C vs B2B. First Co-Founder leaves.
Apr: The iOS Objective-C course gets the most traction. Venue partners established for the Design and the Growth courses can no longer be sustained. Operations optimized by removing content marketer and designer.
Apr 25: First iOS course launches out of 100 Front Street East.

Version 3

- The entirety of the business is run by Ian Gerald King.
- An evangelist is brought on board to help with content and to be present in the startup scene as a brand ambassador.
- The core purpose of the business gets rethought, to broaden the scope beyond mobile development. This leads to launching a new site in August.

Version 4

Sept: Second Co-Founder joins as a 50/50 Partner. Business location moveto 211 Yonge Street. Standard set of operations ensue with lead-up events followed by course launch.
Oct 4: Second cohort of the iOS Objective-C course launches.
Jan: Partnership amicably dissolves at the end of the second cohort - second Co-Founder leaves. Changes in technology combined with increased competition in Toronto were two core reasons.

Version 5

Long hiatus.

Version 6

ThoughtKite relaunches as a Canada Not-for-Profit Corporation, with a renewed sense of direction.

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Join us as we document our journey

Entrepreneurship isn't rocket science but it is an emotional roller coaster.

In the end, what matters is not giving up when the outcome is worth the commitment. We'll be sharing our journey as it unfolds.
Ian Gerald King
Founder, CEO